It’s Official

It’s Official

It is official.  Keith Creagh, the head of the Department of Natural Resources, has officially (albeit quietly) rescinded the Declaratory Ruling.  The Invasive Species Order identifying two alleged species of pigs and making one of them illegal still stands, but the...

More on pigs

The Detroit Free Press did an article on us today.  Good photos, informative writing. Good pig, bad pig: Michigan files appeal to preserve ban on invasive swine    

The next step

Mark’s done a few speaking/radio things lately. Here’s a great interview he did with David Janda.  He talked about where we’ve been and where we all need to head to nip problems like the DNR’s ISO in the bud. Here’s a video of a speech he...


“Solka’s ruling says the order is arbitrary, unreasonable and denies the hog owners equal protection under the law.” At last we can truly say, “TOLD YA SO!”  Thanks to everyone who participated in this victory in big and small ways. Judge...

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