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More on pigs

The Detroit Free Press did an article on us today.  Good photos, informative writing. Good pig, bad pig: Michigan files appeal to preserve ban on invasive swine    

Widen your horizons

Opportunity for motivated, energetic individuals to learn on a diversified farm.  You will learn the production processes for chicken, pork, dairy, and produce, including the business and marketing aspects.  Start June 1 – September 30. Work is generally 5 days/wk.,...
Prodigious Pigs

Prodigious Pigs

Mark and I spent some time out with one pasture of Mangalitsas recently.  I was reminded all over again of why I like these pigs. 1) They are not fazed by cold.             2) They grow well on all sorts of food. A year old blond looking...
Homestead Hog Harvest

Homestead Hog Harvest

Welcome to this class on how to process a hog from oink to ham.  This class is designed as an intense introduction for those who want to learn the old time arts of butchering and preserving pork in a low-tech method for home or restaurant use. Charcuterie is the art...

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