More Articles About the Situation

Kimberley Hartke, of the Weston A. Price Foundation, wrote a couple of excellent articles.  She adds some important background to the story as the Weston A Price Foundation has always championed production and consumption of naturally produced veggies, meats, and...

“I made a bideo!”

That’s a quote from Jim when he gleefully stole the video camera one day.  He was pleased with himself for making “a bideo!” Pete Eshelman from the Joseph Decuis Restaurant and Farm has been a faithful user of Mangalitsa pigs for his restaurant. ...
“What’s up, doc?”

“What’s up, doc?”

Finally!!!  Winter!  For the second time in this whole winter season the kids had enough snow to go snowmobiling–and the machine wouldn’t run.  And now the snow’s all gone.  We had some really nice ice skating ice on the ponds.  The wet snow put an...

On the Radio

Mark was recently interviewed by Thayrone X  (on WAAM, 1600 AM) on his “On The Edge” radio program.  Very cool!  Listen to Hour 3, seg.s 9 & 10.  Thayrone X: Coolarity Radio  
Moving forward

Moving forward

It’s spring on the farm already–or rather, we can see spring from here.  Last week we received our first batch of chicks for the season.  Dorothy is raising the heritage breed roosters this year.  We have one chef that has mastered the different cooking...

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