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OPPORTUNITY FOR ACTION: In a recent article from the Gongwer news service, director of the MI Dept of Ag and Rural Development said, “Director Stokes is moving ahead with a common sense plan.”  The Dept of Ag has been given a pass so far, but Dirctor Keith...

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This is a really great article describing why the DNR is misrepresenting their intended target and introducing you to one of those “evil, irresponsible” hunting preserve operators.  Whether you agree with the hunting preserves or not, the fact remains that...


We have a consolation saying here: “That’s farmin’!”  Things aren’t always Disney music, sunny days, and smiles all around.  Yesterday was one such day for Mark. It started with a phone call that delayed his start on chores.  When he...
Stayin’ Cool

Stayin’ Cool

If you couldn’t sweat, how would you stay cool when the temperature reads 90 degrees?  If you were a pig, you’d do something like this: Pigs cool off by taking a mud bath, much like rhinos and elephants.  The water slowly evaporates, cooling them like your...

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