This past week I once again faced the “legal defense” bills.  These included the costs of the depositions.  The depositions were costly, but revealed so much.    All this was made possible by the passion and generosity of American citizens, along with...


Mark just did a radio broadcast with Dr. David Janda.  You can hear it here.   He also has a new video update on youtube.
What they think

What they think

We had two pieces of news come across the cloud wires this week that were of note for small farmers, for hunters, and for citizens who care what the government thinks. This first one gives you an idea of where the DNR folks are getting their information.  Officials...
Stayin’ cool

Stayin’ cool

I was just informed it is 100 degrees on our thermometer.  Mark “rained” the chickens today to try to keep them cool.  The heat is hard on them when there is no breeze.  Even the ground is hot. The big pigs are finding cool dirt along the barn. They could...

Now it’s October 15

In my homeschool wanderings, I recently picked up some books by Richard Maybury.  He proposes two basic principles upon which all religions and cultures agree.  These are the two principles of common law upon which our Founding fathers based our country’s foundations:...

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