Thoughts on law

Thoughts on law

There are those who say that we are making a mountain out of a molehill about the DNR’s Declatory Ruling.  They say the Boar pigs are not that big a deal, we should just switch our cross breeding to a different heritage breed and move on.  They say the...

Update on McKendrick hearing

At long last, I have an updatte for you!  I asked a couple of people who were in the courtroom, Scott Everett and Joseph O’Leary, as well as Mark for their views on last Friday’s hearing for Ron McKendrick. The hearing in Cheboygan was a question of...


I was asked yesterday for a response to the DNR’s latest release.  I figured others may have the same question, so I’ll share my answers here. The Cheboygan News wrote a helpful article as well:  Invasive Swine Prompts DNR visit to Renegade Ranch…...

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