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On the Radio

Mark was recently interviewed by Thayrone X  (on WAAM, 1600 AM) on his “On The Edge” radio program.  Very cool!  Listen to Hour 3, seg.s 9 & 10.  Thayrone X: Coolarity Radio  


There are several questions that people have asked (or been too confused to ask) about the DNR Invasive Species Order declatory ruling regarding swine.   Mark is working on another video that may answer more questions, but here are some answers to Frequently Asked...


We have a consolation saying here: “That’s farmin’!”  Things aren’t always Disney music, sunny days, and smiles all around.  Yesterday was one such day for Mark. It started with a phone call that delayed his start on chores.  When he...
“Wild” pigs

“Wild” pigs

We learned an interesting thing recently.  The State of Michigan decided that our nice, quiet, well-behaved Mangalitsa pigs are an invasive species of hog and pose a threat to the natural environment and therefore must be removed from Michigan/destroyed.  In a...

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