Broad breasted turkeys roaming green grass in the fall.If you haven’t had Baker Brothers’ Bird on your Thanksgiving table, you haven’t had a turkey to be thankful for!  Joe and Keith have raised some fine birds again this year.  We can vouch for them because we already tried one.  It’s a perk of having the business holders under our roof.  The meat was flavorful–even the white meat–and had a nice texture.

Here is what makes these birds fantastic:

  • They have been raised on pasture, soaking in the sun and eating grass and bugs the way turkeys should.  The nutrition they gain this way gives them the extra flavor and texture that sets them apart.
  • They have been fed GMO free feed.
  • They are hand processed on the farm for a stress free, chemical free harvest.
  • They are never injected with a saline brine, they are 100% turkey.
  • They are reasonably priced at a fair trade rate of $3.50/lb.
  • They are fresh, not frozen, when you receive them.

To reserve your turkey, click  “order now”  and order to reserve your bird.  The balance will be due at pick-up.

There are a few ways to acquire your turkey:

  1. Pick it up at the farm on Tuesday the 25th or Wednesday the 26th.
  2. Joe delivers in Cadillac on Tuesday evening for a $10 delivery charge.
  3. Rose delivers to the Kingsley area on Tuesday evenings for a 15% delivery charge.
  4. Mark delivers to Traverse City on Friday the 21st for a 15% delivery charge.  If you want a Traverse City delivery, we need to know by Thursday the 20th to have it ready to go on Friday.

Pasture raised, GMO free turkeys Get your name on the list soon, because the Baker Brothers’ Birds are going fast!