“Thank-you for your service.”

It’s a statement veterans hear frequently.  They appreciate it, really.  A lot of them are trying to figure out how to make their experiences in the military jive with the challenges of civilian life.  One veteran said that being in a war zone is easier in a way: “All you have to do is stay alive.”  In civilian life, there are bosses and coworkers, family demands, bills, dreams with their challenges, a lot of goals and demands to satisfy as opposed to just one (stay alive).

Working with soil, plants, and animals is a fulfilling way to find a new spot in life, or just transition from one world to the other, for many veterans.  A better way than thanking a veteran with just words is to support his or her business.  The Farmer Veteran Coalition offers a Homegrown By Heroes label to help you identify products veterans produce.  Our products will proudly bear this label.  We encourage other veterans to put the label on their products.  We encourage the public to put action to word and support these veterans.

Buy AmericanBuy Local.  Buy Heroes.


Homegrown By Heroes