woolly blond MangalitsaMeet the new additions: We now have Mangalitsa breeding stock.  These are blond Mangalitsas.  The feeder pigs are swallow-bellied Mangalitsas.  The little pigs are about 4 months old, so they have some growing to do.  The front one is so classically wooly that he’s a neat fella.

chicken tractorsThe other big project here lately is gearing up to grow chickens this summer.  Mark has been building chicken tractors, changing the design to be a bit more user friendly.  He’s also designing new waterers to provide more worry-free and consistent supply to the growing birds.  He and Joe and Sam developed a production line assembly method so that they can build kits and put together tractors as they become needed.  With this nice weather, Mark has the first set of pens out in the field awaiting finishing touches and chicks.  Hopefully this next week will see the group that is currently in the Clearspan out on pasture.  There is a little green out there–a bit of rain and the grass will really pop up.