The Wonder Of It All: Pastured Poultry and the Joy of Farming

Why do we raise our chickens outside on grass (aka: “Pastured Poultry)?  Because it’s good for the chicken, good for the farm, and good for us.  Mark shares about raising pasture poultry in this video, as well as a few of the joys of homesteading on a sunny day after the rain.  Follow us on Facebook and YouTube to keep up to date with us via video!

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Anyone Can Farm: Pastured Poultry

Pasture (Grass) plus Chickens: goodness to share

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Not just a drain: Farm kids

Farm kids. Why do you do this farm thing? It's a question you need to have a good answer to, or you won't have a strong enough reason to do the hard things farming requires. In our case, and for many of you, it's farm kids. Our kids, and your kids. It's about raising...

Bull Adventures

Bulls. Looking across the rickety "Michigan gate" into the eyes of Endeavor the Guernsey bull, I started asking myself a few questions. "How serious is he about his bully threats? Do I dare bluff him?" "Why the heck do we still have a bull??" "How fast can I still...

A Good Business

Our business isn't exactly a glory business. Custom chicken processing. But it's a service and we are professionals. Even the ten year old. These kids are awesome, and our business has facilitated so much good for them: understanding the finances of a business (they...

The Gathering: Anyone Can Farm

The Anyone Can Farm Tribe Gathering was a success! Check out the fun!

Chicks on Grass

Around here, you know it's spring when the chicks arrive.  It's kind of like watching for the first robin or the swallows. Spring is arrived when the phone rings and it's the Post Office and they say, "You're chicks are here!"  Spring isn't the best time for brooding...

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