deer skinnerDeer season, that is.  In honor of  this momentus time of year, Joe the Skinner wrote a poem:

Fall is come,
Yellow leaves are here.
Downstaters come with
their 24 packs of Budlight Beer
and their big guns to shoot that
2 point deer.
Oh yes, fall is here.
Fact is, we’ve met a lot of good “downstaters”  with their deer and some local folks with their deer  for processing.  A handful of deer have shown up for Joe to skin.  He has that job, and his pay is what he gets for the hides.  He’s pretty good.  In past years he’s tanned a few hides, but this year he’s 12 and has decided to spend his spare time waiting for his own Bambi to exit the woods.  No luck so far, though.
     Incidentally, if you want a fun book to read, Bambi  (by Felix Salten) is a great one.  Keith, Rachel, and I have been reading it and decided that Mr. Disney took a lot of liberties with the story and that the book is a lot better.