Welcome to the home of the happy hens.  The turkey pasture is snowy and the kids are wearing snowpants and boots, but the fresh chicken, smoked chicken, yummy eggs, and meat processing continue on!

What a change this week from last! I wouldn’t have thought I’d be posting pictures of sledding and snowmobiling, but there you have it.   After Mark plowed the driveway, they had a really fast hill.  Joe reported their crash dummy went all the way across the road and “really crashed” into the swamp on the other side.  They always crash before the road, and that gets to be part of the fun.  The sunshine at the end of the week was appreciated and we made the most of it.  Cod liver oil & elderberry season is here, but any help from the sun is great.

The batting continues to go on the shop, closing up gaps in the siding.  We processed a lot of birds

Mark’s biggest job this week is marketing fresh turkeys for Thanksgiving.  There is nothing for flavor like a fresh, home grown turkey.  There is a new article (2 if I get time) on cooking fresh birds.  These birds are not pumped full of water or “self-basting brine” that evaporates as they cook.  You open the pan and have as much bird as you put in.  Last year we had a handful of turkeys (4 to be exact) and we had lots of positive comments on the flavor of the meat from those we shared them with.  Just like the chickens, there is nothing bland or mealy about these turkeys.  They’ve not been pastured, but they have had a clean environment and good, healthful feed.  We actually only have 7 out of 19 still available.  If you’re interested, let us know by Monday night as Tuesday is “D-day” with pick-up on Wednesday.  They’d also make a great Christmas party treat, so plan ahead and CALL TODAY!

Our other lastest greatest venture is a DELIVERY SERVICE in the Cadillac area.  For a paltry $5, we will deliver chicken, eggs, bagged compost (think spring!), and seasonal produce (think summer) to your door.  If you and your neighbors would like an uplifting visit from a pleasant fella bearing good food, let us know and we’ll add you to the route.

Even in these times, whether you are “participating in the recession” or not, every American has something to be thankful for.  Have a great Thanksgiving!