We spent the day in Lansing today.  Mark testified before the Senate Ag Committee. He was able to reinforce the fact that “feral” is not an animal we feed everyday, that this isn’t about a breed of hog but rather about an agency overstepping their bounds.  The DNR had no business usurping the legislature’s authority by writing law and dictating farm policy.  The legislature has done it’s job.  There are several legislators who really understood before or as a result of Mark’s testimony that the ISO and Declatory Ruling are an overreach on the DNR’s part.  Feral animals do not exist, by definition, on a farm under a farmer’s care.  The DNR, in concert with the MI Pork Producers, MI Milk Producers Association, and Agribusiness, among others, has spread disinformation and has employed the largest lobbying firm in Lansing to influence votes.  We have documents and personally observed this.  However, the Declatory Ruling can’t just be changed.  It has to be repealed.  Despite great pressure, the DNR is not accountable or responsive to citizens.  The governor alone can keep the DNR on their side of the fence.

Contact Governor Rick Snyder by e-mail, Rick.snyder@michigan.gov  and/or phone, 517-335-7858.

Do not allow his office to direct you to the DNR.

Talking points:

  1. The MDNR needs to stay off farms
  2. The MDNR needs to repeal the Invasive Species Order.
  3. This is not the Michigan Legislature’s fault, the “Invasive Species Order” was created by and is being implemented by the MDNR

Lastly, we realized the costs of this battle as we talked with our lobbyist and observed what we’re up against.  If you’ve helped us out, THANK-YOU so much!