At long last I have updated our Products page!  The essence of a diverse farm is to have a bit of everything so that when one crop doesn’t pay out (like our pigs), there is something else to take up the slack.  To that end, we have a couple new offerings for you.  In addition to the ever popular pasture raised chickens, we have added grass fed beef (for the fall) and dairy cow herd shares.  Our layer hens receive a GMO free grain feed in addition to being in the pasture.  Our broiler chickens are working their way toward 100% GMO free (this week’s birds will have had GMO free feed for 80% of their lives, next week will be 90%, and so on).

Please check out the updates.  We do not ship, but can fill any size chicken order.  We are taking deposits on whole and half grass fed beef and whole or half hogs for the fall.