Jowl bacon, bacon, and sliced hamAt last, it finally happened!  We got some pigs through a USDA inspected harvest and can make our pork available to you all.  We weren’t able to get them scalded and scraped, so they aren’t as unique as we’d like, but they are still the best tasting pork in the North country and now you can have some.  Order today from our storefront!  You can check out as a guest or “put yourself on the map” to order again.  We deliver to Traverse City on Fridays.  You are welcome to pick up at the farm by arrangement (it’s good to be sure we’re around!).  UPS can also bring your order to your door.  Let us know what works for you.

Coming soon: CHICKENS!  Next week Friday we will be harvesting the first of our chickens for this year.  We are so very ready for FRESH CHICKEN.  Pork is good, but variety is the spice of life.  You’ll see whole chickens available on our store right now.  Stay tuned for an update next weekend post harvest when I have a more accurate count.  As always, they are GMO free, pasture raised, and harvested on our farm for a stress free kill.  Order here to reserve yours for next weekend (June 19)!Chickens in their moveable pens on the pasture.