You may have heard about the DNR and Attorney General’s latest intimidation tactic.  They filed a new Motion for Summary Dismissal last week.  In a nutshell, they continue to maintain that Mark has no standing because he has admitted to having Russian Boars.  Never mind that he culled all of them this winter.  They wouldn’t know because they’ve never checked.  They’ve never really seen our pigs.  Never mind that their “law” makes every pig known illegal and shows little respect for the Constitution and private property.  Never mind that getting rid of the pigs on our farm won’t make any impact on pigs outside fences in Midland (a reported hot spot)–this is called “rational relationship.”

Now they’ve added a new request: “Therefore, defendants (DNR) respectfully request that this Court grant summary dispostion to defendants on their claim that Plaintiffs (us) knowingly posses prohibited species in violation of Part 413 and issue a civil fine in the amount of $700,000.”

They want the judge to uphold their law without hearing any arguments on its Constitutionality, due process, or rational relationship and to fine us $700,000.  This is ludicrous.  They will effectively purge our strong, healthy homestead heritage hog genes from the genetic pool and entirely put us out of business.  The rule of law in our land will have been trampled and our legislature will hereafter be answering to administrative agencies instead of to the people of Michigan.  And this won’t be just in Michigan.  Many states are poised to follow suit.  Indiana and Pennsylvania have, notably, made sure to make provision to prohibit any regulation of pigs on farms like ours in the quest to rid the countryside of outlaw pigs.

If this is all new to you, or to hear a synopsis of this situation and the issues involved, Mark did a great interview on Free Talk Live radio this weekend.  It’s well worth about half an hour of your time!