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Here’s a video of the speeches at our Constitution Hall event.  The beginning is a neat montage of the event, then Mark’s speech, then Sheriff Mack:


Catch Mark’s “Homestead Cow” video series on the Anyone Can Farm website!

Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund has been a huge supporter.  They have helped fund our lawyer and provided good legal advice.  They’ve also connected us to a network of wonderful people.  It is an organization every farmer and concerned food consumer should support.  Here’s Mark’s testimony:


Here are some informational videos in response to questions we’ve been asked:



Here’s a video about our Jersey cow having her calf this spring:





“Back in the Revolutionary War days, when this country was founded; every farm had to be Red Meated pigs. What we’re talking about here, how the State of Michigan is making it illegal to own pigs that every farm in this country had up until refrigeration was invented.”

“It’s no longer about pigs, it’s about constitutional rights; and the pendulum is swinging right now. It’s the same thing we did over 200 years ago. We said “One group does not take away the constitutional rights away from the people.”

The Government of the state of Michigan has taken action against hog farmers through the unlawful use of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. By means of implementing an unconstitutional ISO (Invasive Species Order); all breeds of swine that are raised outside or on pasture are subject to be depopulated as of April 1st, 2012.

Mark Baker, a twenty year Air Force veteran, Roger Turunen, Greg Johnson, and Matt Tingsted are the only remaining hog farmers in Michigan outside of the corporate pork industry who have revolted against this order. Roughly 2,000 farms have been affected and many farmers have been threatened with felony arrest and large fines to massacre their herds of heritage swine.

These men are fighting for your freedom to be able to choose what you feed to your families. Currently, the DNR has Bakers Green Acres and the remaining farm warriors under siege, as the Invasive Species Order eliminates all possibilities to sell or to transport their animals across state lines.

Visit for updates on the situation and to show your support.

Kyle Miron
The Frontiersmen Media Group

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Information from Mark.  Please know that there is no physical resistance.  Resistance to this unconstitutional ISO is in the form of a legal battle.

Update as of 4-15-12 – DNR raiding farms


Alex Jones and Mike Adams on the Alex Jones Show April 16th, 2012


Mark Testifying at the Michigan Capital – Ag Committee.


A great video made by our friend, Kyle Miron.  Kyle’s been making videos professionally for many years and felt this was an important issue to put voices and faces onto.  This is a little different perspective…

Part 3 of DNR vs. Small Hog Farmers

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Farmers: Mark’s introductory explanation of the situation with the MDNR’s Invasive Species
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Bakers Green Acres Introduction Video

A short slide show of summer 2011 at the farm

Mark talking about the field part of the operation Part 1 & part 2

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Bakers Green Acres Receiving Chicks at the farm

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