Yesterday was a sunny day.  In wintry northern Michigan, this is a thing to be noted and enjoyed.  Here’s what I found on my walkabout.

The calves’ names are Calvin and Hobbes after the summer’s favorite cartoon characters.  This one sticking his tongue out at me with a mouthful of food is clearly Calvin.  The calves live outside in a sheltered corner.  They get plenty of straw and hay and are content with life.  There’s not too much enticement to go wandering right now!

Two little pigs having fun in the sun!  They handle the wintry conditions just fine as long as they have lots of straw and someone to cuddle with.

I gave the laying hens some fresh hay to get from their house to the feeder on.  They love scratching through it for the alfalfa leaves and it keeps their feet out of the snow.  The turkey is an experiment.  Keith wondered if the white turkeys will breed and lay eggs he can hatch.  We’ll see!

This is Snowflake, the famed Mangalitsa sow, and her babies.  They were cozy together in the straw and as comfortable as can be.  The little ones stay very healthy outside as long as they have straw to bed in.

The Muscovy ducks apparently decided to move to the barnyard.  They’ve been living on the irrigation pond, which makes for some interesting ice skating.  They have more food to scrounge and better shelter in the yard (as long as they stay out of the guys’ garage).

The farmer in the greenhouse.  He’s ready to frame in cold frame boxes this week.

A little boy having fun in the sunshine, getting his vitamin D and fresh air.  He was helping his Dad work in the greenhouse, pounding nails and sawing boards.  It’s a good education for a little guy.

Last, but not least, the sunset was amazing.  A wonderful new year to you!