Curious baby pigs are almost always present!It’s not to late to start raising a pig for yourself!  We have our heritage Mangalitsa piglets for sale.  These pigs are hardy through the winter, so the impending cold weather is not too much of a concern.  They are super at growing on forage and other alternative feeds, and, in fact, produce better pork on a non-corn diet.  The meat is generally a rich red color with marbelling through the meat.  This pig has been called the kobe beef of the pork world.  It is a lard-type hog, so it yields lots of premium quality fat.

We are selling only castrated males, no breeding stock, this year.

Cost of weaner pigs (just weaned piglets) is $250 and they will be available about the middle of September.

Call 231-825-0293 or e-mail


Mangalitsa piglets checking out the photographer.