Welcome to our homestead on the web!

We are a small family homestead set in a larger farm community in beautiful northern lower Michigan.  Local food, sustainably grown, is something we value and promote.  Pasture, the product of sunshine and soil, is the basis of our meat production.  Our chickens are raised on pasture for as much of the year as our northern climate permits.  Our goats, both meat and dairy, are also on grass and browse pastures from the first tender buds of spring to the bitter end of fall.  Pasture enables us to raise healthier, happier animals that result in the best tasting, highest quality meat possible.

Part of providing local food is being able to interact with the people enjoying the fruits of our labors.  We look forward to being able to update you on homestead happenings, new ideas, and new products through this site, so check back to see what’s new.  This first page is also a blog, so we look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and questions, too.

Come join us in the quest for great food and great community!