What is the Anyone Can Farm Homesteaders Guild Online Program?

The Homesteaders Guild is a  12-week video series presented by Mark Baker

If you are ready to reconnect intimately with your food and to start growing something you can put on your dinner plate, we can help!  The Homesteader’s Guild is a group of like-minded folks figuring out how to raise their own food with the guidance of longtime farmer Mark Baker.  Mark will guide you through the processes needed to survive and thrive in your own little patch of earth.  Winter is a time of preparation and planning in the seasons of a farm, so this is the perfect time to join Mark and the other homesteaders and plot your course for the next growing season.

Anyone Can Farm Homesteaders Guild

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F49ad-KLSWk[/embedyt]