Does seeing the UPS or FedEx truck pull in your driveway feel a bit like Christmas?  Does getting a box of nourishing and great tasting food excite you?  We are working hard to make that happen for you.

We have a $50 minimum order with shipping.  Why is that, you may ask.

  • You save on shipping.  Shipping less than five pounds of meat will cause shipping costs to rival product costs.  That’s just how it is.  Quantity means your dollars go to product for you rather than to the shipping company.
  • The product will arrive in better condition.  We want your product to arrive frozen, ready to be enjoyed, no hassles.  The density of a little bit bigger order helps protect the integrity of it all.
  • You save on handling costs.  The larger the order, the easier it is to handle and there aren’t huge costs that we have to pass on to you.  Efficiency is good for both of us.

Here’s our shipping process:

Keith gathering an order together

On Monday morning we go to work gathering orders.  Keith made sure he had his warm coffee before diving into the freezer.

Meat orders gathered and ready to pack.

Orders are packed into bags and marked for the customer before being packed into boxes.

Packing box put together.

The shipping boxes come as a kit, so we have to put the box together and add the insulation pads.  We are excited about these.  The pads are made from organic materials, primarily cotton, and can be recycled when you’re done with them!  That keeps our carbon footprint low and saves on box costs as they come to us flat.  It’s just a little labor and they are ready to pack.

Product packed and ready! Product packed into a box.





The products are packed into the box that best fits.  Styrofoam peanuts are used to fill air spaces.  This provides more integrity to the box and helps further insulate the meat.  We use freezer packs to help keep things cold.


The next step is to generate the shipping label and get UPS or FedEx to come pick up your box of goodies!

Box on UPS truck

There’s your box, on the UPS truck and ready to head your way.  In most cases, ground shipping and 3 Day shipping are the same length of time and the boxes will get the product to you in good form.  In the heat of summer we’ve had to use 2 Day shipping on occasion.  Because we aren’t a shipping company doing huge volumes of packages, the 3 Day and 2Day shipping options are very costly.  We do our best to get your product to you in an efficient, affordable, and safe manner.

That’s how we do it!