grass-fed beefWe’ve wanted to add grass-fed beef to our product list for some time and have finally found our beef.  One of our neighbors has co-oped with us to make this possible.  These animals are Holstein steers, rotationally grazed through a variety of fields groomed for them.  We’ve had some of the beef produced by this very experienced grazier.  It’s flavorful, nicely fatty (sounds strange, but that’s where the flavor and moisture comes from in your steak or roast), tender but with some texture.  We’ve processed a couple of his beef and can attest to the quality of the cuts.  There are two USDA processors within 10 miles and they are happy to cut your beef or half beef however you like it.  You would be welcome to go in on a whole or half with friends as a great way to get some good beef at a reasonable price.  There are a few different sizes available, depending on your needs.  Almost anything is possible,  just let us know what you’d like.  Price is based on rail or hanging weight, which is the carcass with no head, hide, hooves, or guts.  These animals go for $3.00/ lb of hanging weight.  We will pay for standard processing (you can order specialty items like jerky or hot dogs at your expense).