Opportunity for motivated, energetic individuals to learn on a diversified farm.  You will learn the production processes for chicken, pork, dairy, and produce, including the business and marketing aspects. 

Start June 1 – September 30. Work is generally 5 days/wk., but since the animals like to eat on the weekends, there will be some chores to be done Saturday and Sunday. 

Room provided.  One meal per day provided, but you can eat off the farm for the other meals (within reason).  There is no internet at the Bunkhouse, but it is available at the farmhouse. 

Stipend of $100/mo. in addition to the room and board provided, plus a priceless education. 

Expect that you will work very hard physically, and that there will be plenty of mental exercise.  You will get out of the experience what you put into it.

Contact Mark at 231-878-6048.