Today marks the last of our fresh bird processing for a couple of months. Like busy ants, we managed to stash enough pastured chickens to, according to “plan,” take a break. We will be starting new broilers soon, but won’t have overlapping groups. This time of year,that’s a good thing. Winter, in a seasonally sensitive world, is a time to rest, research, think, develop. The children work on bookwork more than hands-on work, though they are still an integral part of the farm workings. As they’ve gotten older they are becoming more and more a part of the “reasearch, think, develop” part of things.

A few of the things we’re working on:
–rocket stoves
–gassifiers that do “farm work” (heating water, etc.)
–raising heritage chickens and turkeys
–naturally brooding chickens (let the hen do it!)

“Rest” is always relative.  Winter is prime time for skiing (Fridays at Caberfae!), skating on the swimming pond, snowmobiling, and sledding–“snow surfing” at times.  And, of course, school.  It never slows down too much for too long here!