This snowstorm has us all excited about skiing, snowmobiling, and sledding.  The animals just hunker down, though.  The sheep are cruising the garden for leftover goodies.  I had to rescue the remaining brussel sprouts from them–they preferred those to the leftover broccoli.  The Mangalitsa pigs aren’t fazed by the weather in the least.

The pig farmer is satisfied with how they’re doing.  The lard type Mangalitsas actually continue to grow even though they have only a wind break for shelter and are fed primarily potatoes and whatever turnips they dig.  That’s how the heritage breeds do it!


As long as they have straw, the wooly pigs are happy!

Some turnip digging Mangalitsas.  Note the crusty snow on their backs.  They sleep in a “pig pile” and the snow blows up over them and crusts on.  They don’t take advantage of the shelter they have, so it must not bother them too much!
The hardy, lardy, wooly pigs out in today’s snowstorm.  Note the rope swing in the foreground and the blowing snow in the background.  I’m glad I had a warm fire to eat my soup by rather than scrounging for dinner out there!  Didn’t bother them, though.