Yeah for Fall! The last chicken butchering of the season

As much as we love raising the best pasture chicken in northern Michigan, the last butchering of the season is a happy day.  This year we lost the older helpers to school, so we had to call in the young recruits.

Bakers Green Acres requires all hands on deck when it comes time to butcher chickens. Frank and Rachel retrieving and sorting the hearts and gizzards of our pasture raised chickens.

Rachel and Frank had the chicken gutting job.  Frank is also the official “gut sorter,” meaning he gets to separate the heart, liver, and gizzard out.  He’s also proficient at trimming the hearts, and very proud of his knife skills.

family farm helpers at Bakers Green Acres - Chicken processing in Marion Michigan

Jim likes opening the backside of the chickens for the gutters–at least, he likes it better than gutting.  Unless his knife “gets bored of (him)” and he needs a break.

Keith - in charge on poultry butchering day at Bakers Green Acres in Marion Michigan

Keith is the chief chicken butcher.  He works outside, which is great.  Except when it rains.

So now our freezer is full of chicken!  Get whole birds or cuts for your freezer!